Vietnam Veterans Of America


National Convention 2019

The resolution that was debated and overwhleming yes vote by the Delegates on Future of VVA.




Issue:  Require VVA’s leadership to investigate what is required to change Vietnam Veterans of America’s name and then open up membership to include all veterans after the Vietnam-era.


Background:  There has been much discussion over the last 15 years about VVA being a last person organization.  But no formal vote has been taken.  A NO vote on this resolution would make it official.


Proposed Position:  Require VVA’s officers and Board of Directors to investigate the requirements to change the name of Vietnam Veterans of America to a name that would entice Post-Vietnam era veterans to join the renamed organization and then open up membership to those newer veterans.   


These proposed changes would be presented to the delegates at the 2021 Convention for ratification.



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